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What Is Child Support?

Child support is a court-ordered payment, typically made by a non-custodial parent, to support one’s minor child. Generally, the parent who the child lives with most of the time is called the “custodial parent,” and the other parent is called the “non-custodial parent.” Most often, the non-custodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent. Child support is an amount paid by one parent to another parent to make sure that their child is taken care of. In other words, child support is money a parent may need to pay if their child does not live with them.

What Does Child Support Cover?

Because the court cares about ensuring that a child has sufficient resources to promote his or her best interests, child support is intended to cover a broad range of expenses. As such, it is not merely for basic necessities such as food or clothing. Rather, child support payments may be used for things such as medical costs, school fees, extracurricular activities such as sports or music lessons, transportation costs, and entertainment.

How Can I Get Child Support For My Child?